Block Management

Albany Property Services offer a comprehensive Block Management service tailored to meet your block's needs.

Below is a basic overview and will vary depending on your needs

  • Insuring of the buildings and dealing with claims
  • Cleaning of communal areas (stairs, hallways etc)
  • Cleaning of windows
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance of car park
  • Liaison with Council regarding rubbish collection & administration matters
  • Pay bills for communal electricity lighting – hallways, car park etc
  • Maintain communal areas, hallways, and arrange periodic redecoration
  • Security matters to include – gates, lighting, boundaries, car park
  • Provision of a sinking fund – this is money put aside in the event that any large scale works are required. In new properties this may not be immediate, but as buildings age, maintenance becomes an issue and the fund should be in place to take care of all external building repairs.
  • Improvement of site – this may include electric gates, signs, landscaping – anything that is felt could improve the value and appearance of the site
  • Dealing with Mortgage Companies & Solicitors – if you are going to sell your property, Mortgage Companies and Solicitors will want to see evidence of a proper management structure in place as well as proof of a sinking fund. Your property may be very difficult to sell without property management in place, administering all payments due in, and processing, as well as chasing and taking action against people who haven’t paid. Payment of all bills and organization of all the above.